English Video Plan

SNS Video

The best way to reach your community

SNS videos are one of the best ways today to publicize your brand or business. Every day more Professionals and Entrepreneurs are using video as the main promotional tool on their website and social networks. ”


What kind of video you need ??

Our video services are designed for all types of companies, businesses and personal brand. Also if you need any retouching, editing or grading for your videos, visit our 3rd Party Service

Dance Videos

Currently becoming the audiovisual genre that gives the best results, dance videos are the best means of communication to publicize your brand. We are specialists in showing in a powerful, attractive way and in a few minutes the essence of your style or dance genre. It will become your best business card.

Choreography Videos

With these types of videos you will give more ideas about your dance style in a more interesting way. They are videos very focused on social networks, but that you can also use on your website. Presentation of a choreography, making-of, video tutorials, customer opinions. We will create videos that engage and entertain your potential audience. If you want to know more, enter our audiovisual content section for social networks

Why Dance Videos ???

  1. A really cheap promotional tool. Compared to other traditional media that are consumed less every day, especially among the youngest.
  2. Easy to consume, entertaining and easily shared. Compared to other communication tools, videos are 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google search than other content.
  3. Explain everything about your brand in a more visual way. With the video you will explain precisely how your services or products work and your fans will remember you more easily.

Why Choreography Videos ???

  1. You will create a community of followers. By regularly sharing videos that are interesting to your target audience, you will create community. Your followers will be more loyal to your brand and you will see that your fans increase.
  2. They will help position your brand among the first results. These types of videos will help you to position your website SEO. You already know that Google rewards with better positions those websites that have videos and have their own channel on YouTube.
  3. A non-intrusive means of communication. Promotional videos attract and like without having to sell to your audience. It will be the user himself who is interested in seeing your video and not you who “attacks” him. This is how you get a video to go viral.

Our prices

From ¥25,000

  • The duration that you see fit
  • HD / 4k quality
  • With the possibility of searching for locations
  • With the possibility of doing interviews
  • Music with standard license
  • Travel outside tokyo not included.

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